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Hello From Victoria Zimmerman At PCH!

Hello PCH Blog readers!  You may have seen my name (Victoria At PCH) as the sign off on some of the blog comments and wondered, when did PCH get a new team member?  Well today, I’m here to introduce myself to you!  I’m Victoria Zimmerman, and I started working at Publishers Clearing House in July with Laura Wolfe, whom I like to consider my “partner in crime.”  I love the job so far.  Working with PCH fans is great!  Since I know that many of you readers are quite active with Publishers Clearing House, I wanted to let you know where you might be seeing me, if you haven’t already!

As you already know, I read all of your great comments on our PCH Blog and PCHSearch&Win blog.  When you have questions, I make sure we find answers for you.  The safety of our fans and entrants is one of our top priorities here at PCH, so making sure that you are as informed as possible is very important to me.  Sometimes, when you report problems, I get to play detective in order to figure out how to get things working for you again.  The most important things that you report to us are scams.  We all work very hard here, so it really upsets me when I see someone using our name to try to fool our fans.  That’s just not right!

Paying attention to your blog comments is just the beginning of my relationship with Publishers Clearing House fans.  I’m also very active on the Fan pages!  If you ”like” the PCH Fan page, you know that there are three Fan pages, one for Publishers Clearing House, one for PCHSearchAndWin, and one for PCHgames.  Laura Wolfe and I work together to make sure that all of our fans’ questions are answered on the three  pages. Let me tell you, PCH fans are a great bunch of people!  And if you follow Publishers Clearing House as we become more active on Twitter, you might see me there too!

Working at PCH is a great opportunity that I never thought I would have!  I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people like Danielle, Todd, and Dave of the Prize Patrol, as well as our many fans that I’m lucky to interact so closely with!

Victoria at PCH


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