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Share the News: Voting is Crucial in the My Winning Moment Contest

Hi Publishers Clearing House fans! When you imagine your PCH winning moment, what do you see? Cash falling from the sky… yourself fainting into the arms of the Prize Patrol… or that dream house on the beach?

We’re asking you to tell us how you see it on our PCH Fan page in the My Winning Moment Photo Contest. Submit a photo and a short essay that  explains what  your winning moment photo represents.  And so far, there have been some great submissions! Some of you have sent in pictures of your surprised or joyous faces – the way you’d look if the Prize Patrol showed up at your door. Some of you have sent in pictures of your children because they are who you hope to help the most with your winnings. There has really been such a diverse group of images!

But the contest doesn’t end with just submitting the photo and essay! The voting portion of this contest is crucial! Don’t forget that in order to win a prize, your entry first must make it into the Top 20 , and then be selected one of the top 5 entries by a panel of judges. So how does an entry make it into the top 20?  VOTING!

First, you can vote yourself. Second, you can share it with your friends and family who can vote too. Third, you can remind them to keep coming back every day to vote! Doing this will help your chances of moving forward into the judging round, where our judging panel will ultimately make their selections. And so what if you already have a lot of votes? Make sure your entry is the best it can be – one that you believe deserves  to be selected the $2,000.00 winner! The judges will make their winning selections based on creativity and relevance to PCH and winning. Keep these factors in mind while entering and be sure to read the Contest Rules carefully!

If you haven’t checked out the My Winning Moment Photo contest yet, look through the entries now. Keep submitting your photos and keep voting! You never know, you could up wind up being our winner with a winning moment of your very own!

Laura At PCH

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