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The Internet Has Just Become More Powerful!

I can’t find things sometimes. My “senior moments” can be so frustrating!

A few days ago I realized I forgot my cell phone in the office. I went all the way back to the office and retrieved my phone, then realized I left my wallet while getting the phone.

It’s safe to say that I sometimes have trouble keeping important items in one place. If you’re like me, then Publishers Clearing House (PCH) just made your life a little easier. PCH has created the PCH Prize Bar that puts the PCH family of sites (, PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames, PCHLotto & more) in one powerful tool that sits at the top of your internet browser.

Download the PCHPrizebar and you’ll have easy access to Publishers Clearing House’s winning sites!

A popular feature of the PCHPrizebar is that members can search from it. You’ll get the instant information you need PLUS chances to win INSTANT prizes when you search! Who wouldn’t love the PCHSearch&Win search bar at the top of every browser page? This powerful search engine combines the results of Google, Yahoo and Bing PLUS provides instant prize opportunities!

Take a look at everything the PCHPrizebar gives you:


It’s easy to download the PCHPrizebar! Just visit PCH Customer Service page and follow the simple instructions. In just minutes you’ll have the ability to:

  • Claim a SuperPrize® entry EVERY DAY!
  • Get chances to WIN great prizes INSTANTLY!
  • Stay up-to-date with other OPPORTUNITIES TO WIN!
  • Play games and EARN TOKENS!
  • Enjoy lotto-style GAMES while you win prizes or earn tokens!free lotto-style games
  • Visit PCHCoupons and SAVE MONEY using the drop down menu!

Now that’s a whole lot of fun, excitement and chances to win — always at your fingertips and always just one click away!

So, download the PCHPrizebar now! See for yourself how much better web surfing can be when all of PCH’s fun, excitement and CHANCES TO WIN are always just one click away whenever you’re surfing the web!

Elliott M.
PCH Creative

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