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The PCHBlog’s Captain’s Log: Sailing Safely and Soundly to Your Dreams

Hey PCH fans—it’s been a while since I got the chance to blog, and it feels good to be back! Lately, I’ve been busy whipping up a lot of posts for our half-a-dozen Fan pages, so I’m really feeling this. The change of pace, the lengthiness of the sentences, not having to worry about character count… but I digress.  Now, on to my PCH musings!

PCH Fan page posts haven’t been the only things that been on my mind over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been reading and re-reading a lot of Melville’s epic book Moby Dick and Ginsberg’s poem Howl, and (as bizarre and unrelated as this may sound at first) my thoughts about those books have been mixing with my thoughts about PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHWinningWays, our blogs…everything PCH, really! And I don’t mean I’m only imagining giant checks with whale fins, leaping and diving down through the Atlantic Ocean, and a Prize Patrol ship that says “S.S. Greatest Minds of My Generation” stamped along the side(though I have been imagining those strange things too). I’ve been really fixated on how all of them tie back to an obsession with chasing your dreams and goals. Captain Ahab was a guy so fixated on catching that great white whale, that he explored and dared through tremendous trials; and Ginsberg was somebody that really saw people fall big and triumph, too. So when I look at how dedicated PCH fans are to chasing their dreams, and how hard so many of them work to take care of their parents and children, it makes me feel like all of this—fiction, reality, passion and dreaming… it really fits together in a beautiful way.

You fans are awesome for having PCH dreams—for never surrendering. A few clicks with our Fan page “Help Prize Patrol” can thrust you into the Big Check search of the generation. And, with a search on PCHSearch&Win, you can get a chance to win a gift card, or a hundred dollar boost! And your first search enters you to win our behemoth-sized Mega Prize on Nov 30th. Just try not to chase any whales through the Atlantic—it’s probably not as safe as using PCHSearch&Win!

Keep searching, and sail safely to your dreams!


PCH Intern

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