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I have a confession to make. I’m not much of a party person. (And when I do go to a social gathering, you’d never see me with a lampshade on my head.)

Social Media Overview

But with all of the developments on the internet, I have found a NEW APPRECIATION for GETTING “SOCIAL.” With Facebook I can keep in touch with my daughter in college as well as old friends. I can instantly see how the people in my life are doing. I’m amazed how technology has allowed all of us to stay better connected.

Publishers Clearing House is making the most of these new opportunities — making it easy for you connect with us using Facebook, Twitter and PCH blogging sites.

How do you see yourself connecting with Publishers Clearing House? Everybody dreams of “connecting” with the Prize Patrol, of course. Who wouldn’t? The idea of having Dave Sayer knock on your door with a millionaire-making fortune is enough to get just about anyone to smile.

Well, Dave is a regular PCHblog contributor and you can join his “social circle” when you visit the PCHblog and read one of his blog postings.

Get ready! Here are all the places you can connect with PCH “socially” on the internet:

Where to get a little “FACE TIME” on Facebook with Publishers Clearing House!

Stay connected with us on Twitter!

PCH Gives New Meaning To The Term “Social Service”!

For decades, folks all across America have been hearing about great opportunities to win from Publishers Clearing House. But now thanks to social media like Facebook and blogs, WE CAN HEAR FROM YOU!  And that will help us provide you with even more exciting opportunities to win and get rewarded!

Join in the fun and let us hear what you have to say! These are perfect places to ask questions and offer your own ideas!

Do you frequent the PCH or PCHSearch&Win blogs? Have you visited a PCH Fan page? Let us know which social site you enjoy the most!

“Socially” yours,

Elliott M.

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