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Fun! Games! Good For The Brain!

I just realized something wonderful about the games I’ve been playing lately at!

The games are so fun, they’re almost addictive. And I think they’re even giving my brain a good workout.

One of my recent favorites is AMAZING SHERIFF! This fun game has you guide “‘yer Sheriff off the range and outta this world!”

It’s wonderfully easy to get started playing AMAZING SHERIFF. Your little sheriff is standing on a fast rotating planet. Launch him off the planet while trying to shoot him through light bulbs, bottles and even small green alien creatures. The more bulbs and bottles you break, the more points you score. And — I love this — you only have to press the space bar to play this game! Just make sure your shoot your sheriff onto another planet or it’s GAME OVER! How does this game help my brain? The better you can focus, the better your score!

Amazing Sheriff on Candystand!

My high score (which I also got on my first play through) is 12,450. If you beat that let me know by replying to this blog!

Another favorite game of mine is THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN MASK!

This game has you look for and collect objects. It takes a good eye, focus and the ability to find objects hidden in plain sight. I also like the game’s story line … a young lady wants to travel in her father’s footsteps to look for lost treasure!

One handy feature of this game is that it saves your progress so that you can hit the load button later and pick up where you left off. I think you’ll enjoy finding all the items and experiencing this fun, satisfying adventure.

Have you tried any of‘s time management games? A time management game challenges you to complete tasks — like making a virtual pizza and serving it to virtual customers — in an allotted amount of time.

One of these fun and challenging games is called MOMMA’S PIZZA. You must organize your time and actions to seat customers, then make and serve them pizza. Oh, and don’t forget to give your customers the bill. This game reminds me of that I LOVE LUCY episode where Lucy and Ethel are in the chocolate factory and have to wrap the candy. It starts out easy enough, but just wait until things start speeding up!

Another fun time management game is LAUNDRY DAY, where YOU wash, dry and iron laundry to make your new laundromat a success.

So, if you want to have some fun and give your brain a little workout, visit now. It’s perfect whether you’re looking for a five minute break or hours of entertainment. And it’s all absolutely FREE! Visit now and then comment on this blog below to let us know which game you enjoyed the most!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

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