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The PCH Fan Film Festival Is Your Ticket To Fun & Prizes!

Hey PCHers,

Be sure to get your popcorn ready because Publishers Clearing House is preparing to launch the exciting PCH Fan Film Festival. Today, February 3rd, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite film PLUS you could enter to win a FREE 6 month Netflix Gift Card along with a Grand Prize of $1,OOO.OO CASH plus a FREE 6 month Netflix Gift Card! How cool does that sound?

Netflix is awesome. I always watch my favorite movies and T.V. shows whenever I want. It’s so simple. It streams your entertainment instantly over the internet to your computer, T.V., video game console or even your smart phone. The best part — you don’t have to hop in your car and schlep to return it or be charged for a late fee. It’s always just a few clicks away!

I’m on my video game console just about every day playing with my brother (he’ll never admit it, but I’m better than he is). Just recently, he got me hooked on a show where a man who works for CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) is constantly trying to save the world from terrorists. By using Netflix on the video game console, we already started watched up to season 5. That’s over 105 episodes in just a few weeks! We’ve been able to watch it non-stop!

O.K. Enough about me. Now let’s see how you can get your hands on that FREE Subscription and a COOL $1,OOO.OO CASH!

Head over to the PCH Fan Page, today February 3rd, and vote for your favorite Action/Adventure film.    The films are:

  • Apocalypse NOW
  • JAWS
  • Braveheart
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  • Die Hard

Now get this…There will be 6 different movie categories and the final round! A new film category will be presented every 4 days. Vote then enter once a day for a chance to win. After each voting period ends, we will select a winner of a 6 month FREE Netflix gift card. WOW, that’s 7 different winners!

When category voting is finished, be sure to vote in the final round for your favorite movie overall. After the final round of voting ends, we will select a Grand Prize Winner of a 6 month FREE Netflix gift card PLUS $1,OOO.OO CASH!

Be sure to check back to the PCH Fan page this February 7th for the next voting period and see what category and films are being voted on!

Good luck

Matt S.

PCH Creative

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