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Play to Win at PCHlotto – Any “Number” of Ways!

How do you choose your numbers when you play lotto? Do you play your wedding anniversary? The birthdays of your kids? The number you wore on your jersey when you played sports in high school? I was curious about the meaning of numbers so I just used PCHSearch&Win to check it out. Here’s what I learned:

* The number three is considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. (And here’s a weird little tid-bit: Cats and camels have three eyelids!) There’s three wishes from a genie, three acts in any story. It’s a pretty interesting number, that three.

* Number six symbolizes beauty and high ideals. A standard flute has six holes and a standard guitar has six strings. Did you know that every Braille cell is made up of six dots? I did not, but thanks to Search&Win, now I do!

* The number thirteen is kind of a cool number, too. Did you know that thirteen comes up all over a dollar bill, including the thirteen steps on the pyramid on the back? (How many can you find? Go ahead and try!) Thirteen is considered by many to be unlucky–though not by people with triskaideskaphilia, who consider it to be a very lucky number indeed!

Look, it doesn’t matter how you pick your numbers. It just matters that you DO and that you play your favorites or shake things up with different sets of numbers EVERY DAY at PCHlotto. Because at PCHlotto, you get a chance to WIN every night! What can you win? How about FAST CASH! A Pick 4 Quick Cash Progressive Jackpot! A SuperCard Jackpot! Whatever the prize, you can play each card offered once a day.

Hey, wouldn’t you like to wake up a winner? Then play every single day because you get an entry into a PCH SuperPrize after your first game play every day at PCHlotto. You could become a big PCH WINNER! It’s like the old saying goes: You gotta be in it to win it!

Have fun!

Francine L.

PCH Creative

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