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BINGO – An American Favorite Gets A “Winning” Update!

When I was young, my grandmother would take my sisters and me to the firehouse in Copake, New York, to play BINGO. Copake was, and still is, farm country. There was a dairy farm on one side of my grandparents’ house and a corn field on another side. Playing BINGO was a big event in that little farm town.

I’ll never forget the excitement when I first screamed — AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS — “B-I-N-G-O,” knowing that I had just won CASH! I’m sure I spent the money I won on baseball cards!

All Of BINGO’s Fun & Excitement Captured For You!

Now BINGO fans can enjoy all the FUN and THRILL of this American favorite when they
visit PCHgames.

PCHBingo on PCHgames

Here are just a few features of BINGO at PCHgames that I think you’ll appreciate:

  • It’s FREE! BINGO at PCHgames doesn’t cost you a penny to play!
  • You could win HUGE TOKEN JACKPOTS along with CASH!
  • BINGO at PCHgames marks your cards automatically so you don’t miss a call. Play as many cards as you want without worrying about missing a beat!
  • You don’t have to call BINGO to win. The game will automatically call your winning cards for you!

BINGO At PCHgames Gets Social!

Another way BINGO at PCHgames makes the experience extra special is by making it social.

While you’re playing, you can “chat” with the folks who are playing with you. I like the idea of playing with people who are all over the country. And the idea of being able to “chat” while I’m going for a huge token jackpot sounds fun!

How BINGO At PCHgames Works!

In the good ol’ days when I played BINGO at the firehouse, the goal was to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line in your card. Or maybe players won by getting the four corners. At PCHgames, BINGO gets more extreme. You want to be the first player to match the “Winning Configuration” to win the token prize.

Some of those “Winning Configurations” you’ll see are:


You’ll need to cover the spots to match the “Winning Configuration” to win the token prize.  Plus, if you get bingo in less than the specified bingo calls, YOU WIN $250.00 cash!

So, any BINGO players out there who want to get their game on? Visit PCHgames now and PLAY FOR FREE, GO FOR HUGE TOKEN JACKPOT and BIG CASH PRIZES!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

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  1. Bob & I met online playing bingo in the cave in 2014.
    We met in person the following Spring 2015.
    We got married & last month, he passed away.
    I always said I never won a game of PCH bingo online But I Won my Jackpot !!!!!
    Thank you for being the Place that I met the Love of my Life where my Dreams came True.