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Introducing a Fun New Contest – the PCH Photo Caption Contest!

If you’ve been a fan of Publishers Clearing House for a while, then you know two things for sure about PCH.  First, that it’s all about winning.  And, second, that we love giving you new contests to enter.  If these two things inspire your love for PCH, then you’ll be happy to hear me announce that you can now enter a new contest on the PCH Fan Page— the PCH Photo Caption Contest!

PCH Photo Caption Contest

I know you’re excited, so let me tell you how you can participate.  First, you’ll need to be a member of Facebook to see the contest.  Once you’re logged in, you can go to the Publishers Clearing House Fan Page.  If you don’t already “Like” the PCH Fan Page, you’ll be prompted to so you can view our fun fan giveaways.  Then you can click on the Photo Caption Contest tab under the profile picture to get started.  You’ll see an image that will hopefully spark your creativity.  Click on “Submit Your Caption Now,” and you’ll see the submission form pop up.  This is both the submission for your caption and your entry.  You can get one entry per day that will enter you for a chance to win one of two weekly cash prizes!

Before (or after) submitting your own comment, you can read previously submitted comments for inspiration, or just for fun!  After you play, you can also scroll down and share any of our 3 badges on your own page so that your friends can see how much fun you’re having.  Maybe they’ll swing by the PCH page and check out the contest for themselves and submit a comment that will crack us all up!

Now that the second week of the contest has started, you can view last week’s picture and some of our favorite comments submitted by fans!

Victoria at PCH

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