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Roll Up Your Sleeves — PCH Hosts Annual Blood Drive!

Though PCH employees are always hard at work trying to bring the most exciting contest opportunities to our loyal fans, many took the time to donate blood last Thursday during our annual blood drive.

Most folks know Publishers Clearing House as a company that gives away millions of dollars to people all across America. But PCH also loves donating money and supporting worthy causes. And PCH employees love to roll up their sleeves and support blood drives.

So, just how important is “rolling up your sleeves” and donating blood to communities across America? I did a quick search at PCHSearch&Win and found these statistics from New York Blood Center:

  • 4.5 million Americans benefit from life-saving blood transfusions each year
  • 40,000 pints are transfused each day in the United States
  • 1 out of every 3 people will require a life-saving transfusion during their lifetime

Everyone has a different story for why donating blood is important to them. My story happened on Thanksgiving Day in 1981. My mother woke me up early in the morning telling me that my sister had been in a car accident and that she was in the hospital. When my parents and I got to the hospital we found out that my sister’s injuries were life-threatening. On Thanksgiving Day, doctors removed her spleen and repaired her liver. She needed massive transfusions because of internal bleeding.

I donate blood because I know how important it was to my family on that distressing Thanksgiving Day. Curious about my fellow PCH employees, I asked around. And surprisingly, the silly group of jokesters actually gave me some serious answers!

Bryan T. said, “I give blood simply because it is one of the easiest things a person can do to benefit those who are less fortunate (health wise). The rewards and feelings of accomplishment far outweigh the inconvenience of taking 40 minutes out of a busy day to really do something positive.”

Lawrence Y. said, “I just want to help others who need it. I feel good helping others.”

Matt S., who works as a copywriter, said he donates blood at the Blood Drive because he feels “It’s my duty as a human being.” Those are very serious words for someone who is the office prankster and who usually walks around with a mischievous grin.

But of course one person in the bunch had to give me a silly response. Ellen S. said she donates blood “for the free Oreo cookies.”

One reason so many PCH employees turn out to donate blood is Bryan T. For years he has been working as a Blood Drive Captain, encouraging his fellow employees to “roll up your sleeves”. Though he’s a gentle giant, he rarely takes no for an answer.

Normally 60 to 70 Publishers Clearing House employees sign up to give blood. But on May 3rd, we had 115 people ready to donate!

That’s a record-breaking number! And that’s the way Publishers Clearing House likes to do things. Whether we’re giving away millionaire-making SuperPrizes® … donating money to charity … or donating our blood … we feel our loyal friends and our community deserve nothing but our VERY BEST!

How about you? Do you roll up your sleeves to donate blood?


Elliott M.

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