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If I Had The Money…

People are always saying, “If I had the money, I would do this…and that…and all this!” Well guess what? The big $5,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize event is just around the corner, which means one lucky person WILL have the money to do everything they’ve always wanted to do. And that person could be YOU!

That’s right! The Millionaire-Making Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize will definitely be awarded on May 31st. It’s only DAYS AWAY, so don’t miss your chance to WIN BIG and have this life-changing dream come true! Enter now at or PCHSearch&Win!

You’re lucky! YOU can win BIG from Publishers Clearing House. As an employee, I’m not allowed to win the Big Check from the Prize Patrol. But I can dream about it. And like you, I do…

If I had the money….

Like many people, I would buy my dream house, pay bills and take care of my family. My dream home would be on the east coast by the beach. The inside would be spacious and inviting. Its landscape would include big shady trees, lush hydrangeas, roses and purple campanulas. Of course, I’d take care of debts and throw some payback Mom’s way so she could retire in style, plus a college fund for the niece and nephew. Then, I’d invest, take classes and give money to family and friends in need as well as my favorite charities and my church. Volunteer work with children is also on the list. Before returning to work part-time, I’d do the things I never find time for like visiting out-of-town friends, seeing the cherry blossoms in DC, the Fall foliage of New Hampshire or the latest plays on Broadway. Maybe I’d get a classic Mustang, too.

WOW! I sure have a lot of plans for that Big Check, don’t I? How about you? While daydreaming about what I would do if I won the money, it struck me: we ALL want a nice place to call home, good health and happiness for ourselves and our loved ones, plus financial security, too. But exactly how that $5,000 A Week For Life Big Check from PCH would be spent is where things get really interesting!

Ask yourself: “If I had the money, what would I do?”

Would your dream house be at the beach or maybe in the mountains? Would you put yourself behind the wheel of a Mustang or perhaps a Porsche? Any other big splurges? Maybe if you WIN BIG, you’d work on your bowling game – – by buying your own alley! Perhaps you would use your Big Check to embark on something really out-of-this-world – – like blasting off into outer space on one of the upcoming commercial Virgin Galactic spaceflights for the public!

Let’s hear it! Do you have humble goals, rock-star dreams or both? Just for fun, go to our comments section and finish this thought: If I had the money….

Good luck!

Kate M.
PCH Creative

P.S. Tick Tock! There are only 8 DAYS LEFT to enter for the big $5,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize Event! Want to WIN BIG? Get in your entries while you can!

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