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PCH Prize Patrol Surprises Yet ANOTHER Winner With A Big Check!

Last Thursday, December 6th, PCH Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam and I boarded an early morning flight to Maryland. We were on our way to surprise a $10,000 winner – the SIXTH PCH winner in just two weeks! Wow, we’ve been busy.

The flight was quick and our winner only lived 10 minutes from the airport. Our trip was going off without a hitch and we had a good feeling our winner would be home.

At around 10:30AM, Danielle and I pulled up to Bruce Baughn’s home in Elkridge, Maryland. And I mean we REALLY pulled up… Bruce’s home was located on a small gravel road, his driveway wedged between the house and some trees. The PCH Prize Patrol van parked no more than 2 feet outside his front door. Bruce was in his doorway, checking out the commotion, before I even could get the balloons out of the van!

Bruce stood at his door in shock, abruptly hanging up on the friend he had been chatting with on the phone moments before we arrived. Speechless and shaking slightly, Bruce accepted his Big Check and real check for $10,000, telling us that the money certainly came at a good time. Bruce is in school and studying for his CPA exam, so any extra money is useful, especially around the holidays!

Bruce enters online often, and although he believed that PCH really does award prizes, he NEVER thought it would happen to him. In fact, Bruce and a friend (the same one he hung up on when we showed up!) were talking about winning the SuperPrize only a week earlier. He laughed as she told him that she would be the next winner, unaware that his own fortune was about to change.

As we left, Bruce called his boss to tell him he was taking the day off – he had to cash his check!

What would YOU do for the rest of the day if the Prize Patrol dropped by one morning with a big prize? Maybe you would throw a party, call friends, or go out for a nice meal.

The PCH Prize Patrol will be on the road again this week – on 12/12/12 to be exact – to award the PCHlotto $1.25 MILLION JACKPOT! Comment below and tell us who YOU hope they’re coming to see!

Laura Wolfe @ PCH

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