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I Need A Vacation! Do You Need A Vacation?


Dear Winter,

It seems that every year we do this dance. You show up, uninvited like the world’s worst house guest and then you stay. You know I don’t want you, but you stay anyway. I welcome you in the beginning with thoughts of years past and happy memories of beautiful snowfalls. And maybe you’re easy to live with at the beginning. Maybe you’re not too cold, maybe I can get away with just wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  But then winter, you outstay your welcome. My love of hot cocoa is diminished as I wake to blistering temperatures and the need to scrape ice from my car. Those beautiful snowfalls are quickly ruined as the pure white powder is darkened by street salt and general grime. You winter are a liar! You are dirty and cold and I DO NOT LIKE YOU!


Bitter Cold in NY.

The above message was brought to you courtesy of freezing fingers that flew across the keyboard. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m really not a fan of winter. I have friends who have always said that they’d much prefer to be cold than warm, because they can always put more layers on. Well, call me crazy but I’m not the biggest fan of wearing 3 pairs of pants. Bottom line here searchers: I need a vacation.

Oh, how I would long for a cruise right now. Especially because everyone around me seems to have vacations booked and I don’t have the money! In my dreams, I’m hopping a flight to Miami to board a ship bound for some place warm and tropical. I’m laying on a deck chair. I’m feeling the warm sun on my skin while sipping from a coconut.

I know that winter will be over soon enough, but my beachy dream will forever be in my mind. And if a vacation is on YOUR mind as well, you can always enter to win $10,000.00 towards your Dream Vacation! You can also enter to win $5,000 A Week “Forever” on February 28th! If you win you’d get $5,000 a week for your life, plus $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose – certainly enough to plan a REALLY good dream vacation! Being a PCH employee, I don’t have that luxury since employees aren’t eligible to win. But my hope is that one of you will enter and will win. You’ll go to a beach somewhere and relax. You’ll sip from that coconut and you’ll enjoy the feeling of your feet in the sand. And you’ll do it all in my honor!

So, if you answered “YES” to “do you need a vacation?” and you don’t have one planned, spend the next 5 days until the February 20th deadline entering to win “forever”. Who knows, you could end up with the best vacation of all, a vacation FOR LIFE!

Sarah S.
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P.S. You heard all about MY beachy dream vacation, now it’s your turn. What’s yours? Comment below!

P.P.S. Only 5 Days Left!!!


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  1. How I long for the ocean I haven’t seen her bubble waves and tide pools or hear my kids and grandkids nephew and nieces playing sand between toes the pure air ocean water in my face. I do need a vacation oh but I love to go on a huge carnival ship cruise go snorkeling that’s my dream