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Race To The Finish For The PCH Sweepstakes!

Burning rubber. A race with millions of dollars on the line. A trip to the winner’s circle  for a life-changing winning moment. And it all happens this month.2_22_Race

NASCAR’S fans might think I’m talking about the Daytona 500 that happens on February 24th. But the race to the finish I’m talking about will happen on February 28th. That’s when the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will award a millionaire-making fortune from the PCH Sweepstakes!

That’s right! The Prize Patrol is fully prepared to award $5,000 A Week “Forever” on Thursday, February 28th. Quite simply a winner of $5,000 A Week “Forever” would receive weekly paychecks for $5,000 cash for life. Then, after that, the $5,000 payments would transfer to someone the winner chooses for their lifetime. We call this a “Forever” prize, but you might call it:

  • The start of a dynasty
  • A financial legacy
  • The beginning of a family empire
  • A new era of prosperity
  • Launching a tradition of family wealth

Two Exciting Events With Fascinating Similarities!

These two events — The Daytona 500 and the Publishers Clearing House February 28th winning moment — have a race to the finish that’s so similar it’s uncanny:

One Important Way The Daytona 500 And The $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize Event Differ!

With so many “intriguing” similarities between the two events, there is one BIG difference. The Daytona 500’s race to the finish will definitely end in Daytona Beach, Florida, while the Prize Patrol’s race to award a millionaire-making SuperPrize from the PCH Sweepstakes could end in YOUR driveway! Now what sounds better to you: A race where a car goes around in a circle and ends where it started…or a race that could end in your driveway with Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam delivering you a life-changing fortune? Comment below!

Best Wishes,

Elliott M.

P.S. Do you wish the Prize Patrol would start driving a race car like the one in the photo above? Or do you prefer the classic Prize Patrol van?

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