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Did You Watch The PCH Prize Patrol On Let’s Make A Deal?

Prize Patrol on Let's Make A Deal

Last week we told you that the PCH Prize Patrol was appearing on a week’s worth of episodes on Let’s Make A Deal! Did you check them out from May 6th  – May 10th? I hope so because it was fantastic! You blog readers know that this was not the first time that the Prize Patrol appeared on the game show. They enjoyed the first experience so much that they just HAD to go back and award more money to lucky winners!

Participating in Let’s Make A Deal is always a blast for the Prize Patrol – they give away $20,000 EVERY DAY! You know that Dave, Todd and Danielle are three are old pros when it comes to surprising winners with big money, but I had to know: how does awarding prizes on a game show, in front of a live audience, compare to surprising big sweepstakes winners at home? I went right to the source, Danielle Lam, PCH Prize Patrol Elite.

Laura: How does the energy on a game show set compare to surprising winners at their homes or workplaces?

Danielle:  That’s a really great question. Being on the set of a game show like Let’s Make A Deal is such a unique experience. The audience members are SO enthusiastic about having a chance to be on the show. When we award PCH prizes all around the country, we NEVER tell our winners that we are coming so it’s a complete surprise when we show up at the door. One thing that game show winners and PCH winners DO have in common though is that they are SO HAPPY to win money!!

Laura: What kinds of reactions did the winners on Let’s Make A Deal have?

Danielle:  This is the second time we’ve been on the show. It was hard for me to imagine having winners just as excited and enthusiastic as the first time we were there…but these winners were just as great! I loved surprising Derrick Burgan Jr., Melissa Duchaine, Angela Murray, Julia Walling and Catherine Biermann with their Big Checks! Lots of jumping, screaming and even some dancing!

Laura: Were you ever nervous to appear in front of the audience?

Danielle:  Honestly, not really!  The cast and crew were so welcoming and warm, it was as if we were part of the Let’s Make A Deal family. I was just so excited to award those big $20,000 checks!

Laura: Did you meet Wayne Brady, host of Let’s Make A Deal?

Danielle: Well this is my favorite question. My friends and family know that I’ve been a Wayne Brady fan for years and years. Actually, Wayne was the one who inspired me to get into theater and acting. I used to watch him on Whose Line Is It Anyway and the Wayne Brady Show…he is such an amazing talent – singer, dancer, performer, improv extraordinaire – there’s nobody better!!  This is the second time we’ve been on the show so it was so great to see him again. Wayne is truly one of the nicest and funniest celebrities I have ever met. Being backstage with him is like being in the audience of the Wayne Brady Show (man I miss that show!).             

Well there you have it! We hope you caught the excitement last week, but in case you missed it, you can check out the full episodes and see all those enthusiastic winner reactions right here.


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