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Rising Temperatures & Heat Advisories Don’t Faze PCH Prize Patrol

PCH Prize Patrol can take on the Rising Temperatures

Now that Spring is here and Summer is comin’ in, we members of the PCH Prize Patrol are reminded that rising temperatures and heat advisories will soon be upon us.  But do we worry?  No sir: we simply count them among the many challenges we face as we carry out our all-important mission: delivering “Big Checks” in-person to big cash winners of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  We can handle heat – just as we handle storms, flight delays, air turbulence, missed connections, traffic jams, noisy hotels, dead batteries, bad food, you name it.

I recall some hot, sticky days in Florida, several sizzlers in Texas, record-breaking heat on the Mojave Desert, fly-infested scorchers in America’s farmlands – just to name a few occasions when our bodies longed for the bone-chilling winter temperatures we’ve known in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Alaska.  Some summer days we have wished that our Prize Patrol uniforms were T-shirts and Bermuda shorts rather than blue blazers, ties and slacks.  Thank heaven the Prize Patrol van is air-conditioned.

But believe me; we are not complaining.  We have what some have called “The Best Job on Earth”: making people happy, never having a door slammed in our face, meeting wonderful folks on the most memorable days of their lives, visiting beautiful places we’ve never seen before, and capturing “winning moments” for you to see on TV and at

On a sweltering day in the near future, wouldn’t YOU love to have a humongous pile of cold cash to roll around in?  Well, it could happen.  The PCH Prize Patrol will be on the road several times in coming months – with “Big Checks” worth thousands, even millions of dollars.  Just think of the summer vacation you could have — just as a starter — if you win our Mega Prize worth $1,000,000 CASH UPFRONT PLUS $5,000 Every Single Week For Life on June 30th!

PCH Mega Prize

So what are you waiting for? Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at once.  Even on a hot day in summer you could have the “coolest” day of your life!

Drink a lot of water, stay cool, and good luck.

Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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