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Today is THE day! Who won the June 30th PCH Prize Event?

Hey PCH fans!

It’s FINALLY here! Today is the June 30th PCH Prize Event, THE day you have all been waiting for! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, allow me to fill you in! I’m talking about the day the Prize Patrol Elite will knock on the door of a very special winner and award a check for $1,000,000! WOW! That’s a lot of money!

So I’m sure you’re all eager to find out WHO WON? Who knows, someone reading this post RIGHT NOW could go answer their door today and find the Prize Patrol Elite in front of their very eyes! I know you’re all super excited, but you don’t have wait at your front door all day! We have a much simpler way for you to find out where the Prize Patrol Elite is headed and who won — by going to the Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page, of course!


You will have EXCLUSIVE access to every step of the Prize Patrol Elite’s journey to award the “Big Check” to a very lucky PCH fan! Even before the “Big Check” is awarded, Danielle will be giving out clues all morning as to what part of the country the Prize Patrol is in! At the end of the day, the exciting winner announcement will be posted on the PCH Fan Page! We will also be posting the entire exciting winner story here on the blog in a few days!

Unfortunately, we can’t award prizes to every PCH fan who enters our sweepstakes, but have no fear! There are amazing opportunities just like this all the time at PCH! In fact, I have something else for all you blog readers to be excited about today! Sometime in the near future (maybe even tomorrow), Danielle will be on the blog with a special message about ANOTHER opportunity to win big! So be sure to check back!

Prize Patrol Elite Team

So PCH fans, don’t be discouraged if you aren’t the winner for this prize because trust me, another prize is closer than you may think! If YOU want to be up to date with the latest winner news from Danielle Lam and the rest of the Prize Patrol Elite, check out Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook to find everything you’ll need to be in the know!

Wishing the best of luck to everyone who entered! Can’t wait to find out who won the June 30th PCH Prize Event!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you would spend your “Big Check”!

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  1. If I would win. I would pay off my debt, secure me and my family in our own house and put my kids through college and invest some money in a business of my own.. some money I would also donate as well to charity of my choosing

  2. I would first spend the money to take my family on a much deserved relaxing vacation. We have had such a difficult time this year adjusting to my father’s unexpected passing during Thanksgiving last November.

  3. I could get a car and we could get a new home . Our house has all kinds of mold and different things wrong and the land lord doesn’t fix them. My car is in bad shape. I need a car to take grandchildren to school and I have two other grand children who use my car sometimes. I would feel safer in a new car.

  4. This would definitly change my life from being on a göt camper and not Rayong sometimes, no watèr only one light.
    I wouldn’t have to struggle anymore i could eat right love in a house and have elec ,watèr ,good and be able to shower .
    Please im so tired of struggling.
    Im claiming this superprize
    #19500. This would be GODS BLESSING

  5. Well I would spend my check on a program I’m working on called re-education innovation, it’s to re educate high school students on things they really need to learn to survive in this fast moving world for example how to file taxes l, building your credit financings mortgage government help 401k socicial security applying for a job just all the vital things we just Weren’t taught in school. I just had a horrible house fire too so I would use some to fix my house. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Thanks for this opportunity. I hope all my searches give you much business . I keep having dreams you guys show up at my house. Any way best of luck to all contestants.