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Hurry! PCH Prize Pursuit is Looking for More Instant Winners!

Instant Winners on PCH Prize Pursuit

Guys, if you haven’t checked out PCH Prize Pursuit yet, the clock is ticking! The Prize Pursuit Instant Win trivia challenge and giveaway only lasts a few more days. In fact, it ends on July 22nd! So head on over to PCH Fan Page on Facebook and click the Prize Pursuit image to get started!

Prize Pursuit

So many people have already become PCH Prize Pursuit winners. In fact, there have been over 700 instant winners selected so far, and there are still plenty of winners to be named! Could you end up being one of them? You can only win if you try and play the game!

PCH Prize Pursuit

But I’m happy to say that the prizes don’t stop there. Every time you play PCH Prize Pursuit, whether you win an instant prize or not, you get an additional BONUS ENTRY into the huge August 29th “Forever” Prize! That’s right, you could win a fabulous $5,000 Every Week for Life, AND THEN pass on that same weekly payout to the person of your choosing!

Forever Prize is Back

Speaking of the August 29th “Forever” Prize event, did you know that the Prize Patrol gives out clues to their destination on the day they award the Big Check? It’s true! Just check the PCH Fan Page on the day the award is made, and you’ll receive hints about where they are going! In fact, that’s how we got the idea for the Prize Pursuit game!! So why don’t use the PCH Prize Pursuit trivia game to sharpen your geography skills so that you’re primed and ready for guessing the day the Prize Patrol is heading out. The clues they give could even be pointing to your very own doorstep!

So don’t delay! There’s not much time left! Head on over to the PCH Fan Page to get your instant win chances for PCH Prize Pursuit, and also a bonus entry for the PCH “Forever” Prize!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Speaking of geographic trivia, I graduated high school near Scranton, Pennsylvania. Scranton is nicknamed “The Electric City,” because it was one of the first cities with a successful trolley car line! What is an interesting fact about your area?

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