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How YOU Can Give Back This Halloween With PCH!


Happy Halloween PCH fans! The week of giving continues here at PCH, and today we’re celebrating with some Halloween fun! What could Halloween have to do with giving back you may ask? Well, we have some fun and creative ideas for you!

I’m sure all of you fans have gone door-to-door trick-or-treating as kids, or taken your own kids or grandkids around your neighborhood. The excitement of dressing up in fun outfits and getting some free candy is any kids dream!

Well here at PCH, the Prize Patrol doesn’t just have one day of dressing up in fun outfits! They do it many, many times a year. Those navy blue blazers and beige slacks can’t be missed! Oh, and instead of getting some free candy, our famous trio surprises our winners with a Big Check for some FREE money! I guess you could call this PCH’s version of “trick-or-treating,” except there is no trick involved. Our winners are truly surprised every time!

Do you ever wish YOU could put on this exciting outfit, carry some balloons, red roses and pull up in the PCH van to surprise some one? Well, some of our fans have “given back” to us here at PCH by dressing up like our famous Prize Patrol and sending us pictures. Don’t they look FABULOUS?! All you need for this fun costume is a navy blue blazer or jacket, some balloons, maybe roses, and a winning SMILE!


PCH Halloween

Want to do MORE than just dress up like our Prize Patrol? Maybe you want to give back to your community just like the Prize Patrol gives back to our winners. There are so many great ideas for doing so, and the best part is that most of them can be found right in your own community.

Love volunteering? Many recreation centers, public libraries and other common community places hold annual Halloween events. Find events in your area, and search for the ones who are still looking for bakers to donate food, volunteers to help set up, chaperones for throughout the event and more!

Love watching the kids run around dressed up as super heroes, fairies and more? All those adorable costumes kids are wearing are super cute, but can get super expensive! Try going through some of your children or grandchildren’s old costumes and donate the one’s in good shape to kids who can’t afford them for next year.

Love trick-or-treating? Volunteer to be the adult in charge for your child or grandchild’s class, group of friends or scouting group!  It’s so important for smaller children to stay together in groups and be supervised by a responsible adult.

These few simple ideas can help you give back to your community and ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday! We hope you all enjoyed them…and that of course, you have a Spook-tacular Halloween!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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