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Feel Like Royalty with New Crown Jewels & Gems Scratch Offs at!

“Hear ye, hear ye! By order of their royal lady and lordships of the PCH Prize Patrol, I have summoned you into the PCH courts and bestow upon you the great honor of FIVE new scratch offs!”

Feeling honored by this auspicious occasion? You should! This blog is written especially for our close PCH friends, just like you! But now that you’ve joined us in these hallowed chambers, let’s talk about our favorite subject in all the land: winning!

I am so excited to tell you about the serious bling that’s coming your way in the form of brand new scratch offs at! That’s right — there are 5 BRAND NEW Crown Jewels & Gems scratch cards — and each gives you an incredible chance to win a fat $2,500.00! Just imagine the real life jewels and gems you could score with that incredible payout!

Diamond Deluxe

With the Diamond Deluxe scratch off, diamonds are forever! You’ll agree with these gleaming beauties, desired the world over!

Emerald Extravaganza

Emerald Extravaganza is a fantastic celebration of these luscious green gems, and hopefully their green will mean some serious GREEN CASH for you if you become a winner!

Pearl Payout

Pearl Payout is based on one of Mother Nature’s prettiest creations, and you won’t want to wait and see if she’s on your side when you scratch off this game card!

Ruby Riches

 Ruby Riches are so bright, they’ll fill you with good vibes and a winning attitude that will give you the best of luck — hopefully enough to win $2,500.00!


Sapphire and Ice are so slick and cool — and you could win a COOL $2,500.00 from this icy blue card!

So what are you waiting for? If you want a chance to win INSTANTLY, head on over to and get scratching! That’s an order from the majestic Prize Patrol themselves!

Matt K.

Royal PCH Creative


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