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Why Have PCH’s Order Stamps Changed? Find Out!

Earlier this month, we posted a blog on our “new and improved” mail processing facility in Melville, NY – equipped with better, more technologically advanced machinery to meet PCH’s growing business.

One aspect of that growth has been an increase in efficiency for processing customer orders for our nifty products, which, along with our famous magazine offers, have been the backbone of Publishers Clearing House’s business for decades – way before we introduced fan favorites like PCHGames and PCHSearch&Win.

If you’ve been receiving Publishers Clearing House bulletins in the mail, you know that the colorful product flyers inside offer everything from must-have collectibles, housewares and jewelry to DVDs, CDs and books … all at amazing values and backed by our free credit and 14-day free inspection privileges. The flyers include order stamps, which customers affix to their “Official Entry-Order Forms” to place an order. The forms are placed into reply envelopes and are then mailed directly to our Melville processing facility.

But you may have noticed lately that the order stamps now have an updated look! They changed from having 5-digit codes at the bottom to having 8-digit codes. See our example below:

Here’s a look at our old order stamps:

Publishers Clearing House Old Order Stamps

And here’s what they look like now:

Publishers Clearing House New Order Stamps

(Photos for illustrative purposes only).

Want to know a PCH secret? The stamp codes on the new 8-digit order stamps are printed in magnetic ink! Why?

As John G., Director, Response Processing Operations, and Scott D., Manager, Data Capture & Collection at the Melville facility explained during our tour, as the thousands of PCH reply envelopes zip through the sorting machines, the machines read the magnetic ink on the order stamps through the reply envelopes!

WOW! It’s like having x-ray vision! Talk about futuristic technology at work right now!

The order information is then directly sent to PCH’s fulfillment operations center, where your orders are immediately prepared and then shipped to your door.

I don’t know about you, but it never ceases to amaze me how quickly and efficiently things work around here! But most of all, I am impressed with the human side of things – how Publishers Clearing House has so many talented and dedicated people on staff who are eager to give folks like you a fantastic customer experience!

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the behind-the-scenes world of Publishers Clearing House, let us know! We’d love to share that information with you!

Debbie K.

PCH Creative

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