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Where Do You Want Us To Award The Set For Life Prize?


Hey PCH fans!

In just a few short days, the Prize Patrol will be hitting the road for our big Set For Life prize event. That’s right, next Wednesday, April 30th, Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam could be delivering our LARGEST WEEKLY LIFETIME PRIZE — $7,000 A Week For Life!

With that said, I want to ask you guys a very important question…Where would YOU want us to deliver the Set For Life Prize: North, South, East, or West? Comment below and let us know (please do not leave your street address in the comments section)!

As you know, the Prize Patrol has traveled ALL across the country to deliver millions of dollars in prizes! Let’s take a look at some of the places they’ve been over the years…

North: We’ve had SO many winners from the North, and one lucky guy that comes to mind is Douglas O’Shea from Minnesota! Douglas was awarded a Big Check for $100,000 — and it was absolutely tax-free! FUN FACT: The Prize Patrol waited over 4 hours for Douglas to arrive home, but it was well worth the wait! 


South: We can hardly keep track of all our winners from the South, but one of our favorites has to be Elise Gutierrez from LaPlace, Louisiana! Elise was lucky enough to win a truly life changing SuperPrize of $1,000,000! If you remember, Elise’s big win couldn’t have come at a better time — the Gutierrez family had just began moving back into their home after they were forced out due to flooding from Hurricane Issac. Check out Elise’s emotional winning moment here.


East: The East has seen more it’s fair share of Big Checks, including the one that went to Gerard Rivera from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Gerard won an incredible $1.25 Million Jackpot from PCHlotto and had one of the biggest grins we’ve ever seen! Check out Gerard’s happy winning moment right here.


West: Let’s call it the Lucky, Lucky WEST! Greg Garcia from Sparks, Nevada knows just how lucky, as he was stunned when Dave Sayer surprised him with a Big Check at his home! Greg then proceeded to march into his local bank with it! How funny! Check out Greg’s awesome winning moment right here!


As you can see, when it comes to delivering the Big Check, the PCH Prize Patrol Elite will do WHATEVER it takes and go WHEREVER they need to! And this April 30th, they’re willing to go near or far – North, South, East or West — to get that Big Check into our winner’s hands! Where do YOU want the Prize Patrol to go? COMMENT BELOW! (Please do NOT leave your street address in the comments section!)

Fingers crossed for all of you!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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