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Another Publishers Clearing House prize delivery proves dreams come true!

On April 30 the PCH Prize Patrol surprised Penny Pompa of Monroe, CT, with a Million Dollar SuperPrize. The award was “Truly a miracle” said Penny, having prayed just that morning for help because she was losing her house.

Ronald Tomilson

Penny wasn’t the only one to experience such unexpected good fortune that morning. The Prize Patrol was also in McAllen, Texas, where we presented another Big Check – this one for $10,000.00 – to Ron Tomlinson.

Ron’s emotional reaction at the “winning moment” was no less significant than Penny’s. He has an adult son in need of major surgery, and this prize will allow the potentially life-saving medical treatment to begin. Watch the video below to see the surprise award.

Another grateful resident of Ron’s house is Curly, a beautiful English Setter, who took in the whole event calmly while two other more excitable dogs were ushered to another room. We always love it when there are “lucky dogs” present.

PCH Winner Ronald Tomilson

Heartfelt experiences like these of Ron and Penny have been seen countless times over the years by the Prize Patrol. We often arrive “just in the nick of time” to forestall a home foreclosure, fund a vital medical procedure or provide urgently needed cash for a leaky roof, back rent or those mounting bills that cause sleepless nights.

Well, as you can see, dreams DO come true at Publishers Clearing House.

Speaking of dreams, have you heard about our newest prize offering? It’s The “Dream Life” Prize — with all the ingredients for the life of your dreams: $2 Million immediately PLUS $10,000 A Month for Life PLUS a brand new Lincoln MKZ worth over $37,000! Enter as often as possible and you could “Win It All” on June 30th as part of our Special Early Look Event!

Sweet dreams and good luck!


Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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