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What Do You Dream About? We’d Love To Know!

Hi PCH fans!

Thanks for celebrating “Dream Week” with us! For our last day, we wanted to ask you: how many of you out there love to daydream? Sometimes it’s a great way to just let your mind wander and to explore all of life’s sweet possibilities, even if it is just in your imagination!

Well, you can see that the woman in this fun new PCH “Daydream” video is doing just that. Check it out!


Can you picture yourself doing that? Let us know what you think about our new video in the comments section below!

How to Harness The Power of Your Dreams!



Do you ever find yourself thinking “What If”?  Does your imagination wander and take you to another place, another time, or even another dimension (wow, that’s really daydreaming!)

 It’s Time To Try Turning Your Dreams Into Reality!

Maybe you dream about reaching a certain goal —it could be losing weight, buying a home, starting your own business, paying off bills, you name it. Rest assured that you have plenty of company! In life and in work, people everywhere are discovering the power of “visualization” to give them the motivation they need to start turning their dreams into reality.

The premise is simple. In order to make something happen you need to visualize it in your mind first. In other words, sometimes just picturing something happening can be the first step toward actually making it happen.

It’s what athletes use to attain peak performance and professionals in all fields now use for success on the job. And anyone can use it. It’s actually pretty fascinating!

Athletes often say after a winning play that they rehearsed it in their mind over and over before the game. Studies show that visualization actually “hardwires” your brain, and that once you practice what it would be like to reach your goal by playing it over in your mind, you will start to take the necessary steps to get there without even realizing it!

Now Picture This!

Here’s something exciting to spark your imagination! Why not start picturing in your mind what it would be like for you to win our Dream Life Prize in our Special Early Look Event on June 30. We’re ready to award a lucky winner with $2 Million right away … $10,000.00 A Month For Life … plus a brand new Lincoln MKZ! 


Can you imagine that? I mean really imagine that! Just get comfortable, close your eyes and picture yourself answering the knock on the door, the Prize Patrol Elite team standing there with a BIG check, the flowers, the balloons. And then what it would be like to win it all — to have that kind of money all at once … how the checks would keep rolling in every month, year after year for life! Picture yourself driving around in a brand new Lincoln MKZ! Go on … don’t leave out any details!

Now you can certainly sit there and dream away, but you will need to TAKE ACTION and ENTER every chance you get  for your chance to make your dream come true. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Remember, even if it seems impossible and out of your reach, don’t give up on your dream! Use your imagination to rehearse what your winning moment would be like and then enter every chance you get. You never know, the Prize Patrol Elite team could knock on your door on June 30th with the BIG check. And it could change your life forever!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

P.S. Tell us what you dream about in the comments section below! We’d also love to hear what you think about our new Dream Life Prize!

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