Do You Believe In Miracles? We’d Love To Know!

Hi there faithful blog readers. When the Prize Patrol surprises big winners with a knock on the door and a Big Check, they often hear words of shock and amazement, like “I can’t believe it” and “Is this for real?” There are tears of joy and then profound thanks that it couldn’t have come at a better time. In fact, sometimes we hear the words: “It’s a miracle”!

If you won, would this be something you would say? Do you believe in miracles? From the comments we see coming in from our readers, it looks like many of you out there really do believe that there’s a “higher force” out there watching over us, guiding us and protecting us, even when we think things look hopeless.

In fact, our most recent big SuperPrize winner, Penny Pompa of Monroe, CT, actually did say “This is truly a miracle”  after she was handed the “Big Check” for $1 Million.  She had been praying just that morning for help because she was losing her house.

Do you believe in miracles

Have You Had A Miracle In Your Life Lately?

Sometimes we might feel that God is watching over us … and sometimes it feels like a departed loved one may be guiding us … or even a guardian angel.  It’s hard to explain the feeling, but when it happens, you just know that something just touched your life from “beyond” to help you along and shape your destiny in either a small way or a very deep and lasting way.

I asked around the PCH office to see if any staff members had experienced a “little miracle” lately and here’s what they had to say:

Debbie K. from Creative recalls:

“A few years ago my house was robbed. All my jewelry was stolen. But when I looked at my ransacked drawers and jewelry boxes, my very favorite religious necklace was left on the carpet. I feel that it was definitely a sign that someone above was watching after me.”

Now that would have sent chills down my spine!

Here’s another inspiring story, this one from Mary Beth H:

“I’ll never forget cycling in Ireland, veering the wrong way and seeing myself pitch forward over the handlebars, thinking, ‘Wow, this could be very bad’. I landed full on my head. Even though I was wearing a helmet, it was miraculous that I escaped serious injury. I just sat on the side of the country road afterward, crying and thanking God and my guardian angel.” I’m sure a lot of us can relate to that!

And Emmi H. had this to share:

“I often drive to the dock with my elderly dad to gaze at the sea and listen to soft music on the car radio. One grey October afternoon, when it was time to go home, the car wouldn’t start. No one was around. The town was too far to walk to, especially with my dad. And it was getting cold. Suddenly, and literally out of the blue, a lone fisherman appeared in a rowboat, headed toward the dock. He came out of the water directly in front of our car and I explained my problem. He said his truck was parked nearby, and with his cables, my car engine started humming. He was more than a hero. I truly believe he was there to help us that day. And that is a miracle.” Talk about good timing!

I hope you enjoyed reading these touching stories from the staff here at PCH. We would love to hear about your own inspiring stories! So tell us – do you believe in miracles? Comment below!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

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  1. PCH, Frontpage,
    Would you and your team come to deliver to Iuya Hopper a giant check for $1,000.00 a day. On August 31st with the Lifetime prize to change my life.

    Waiting for you. So please pick me.
    I ask you to come on over.
    Thank you
    Iuya Hopper

  2. I believe in the miracle…
    I believe in perseverance and my faith…

    Winning this award would be a time of great happiness for my whole family. I would change our lives forever.

    I am Positive and I believe that dreams come true. Yes i believe.

    I want to win the PCH GWY grand prize. NO.11000 x $ 1,000.00 a day for life and 11002 x $ 50,000.00 on August 31,2018

  3. Hello PCH and prize patrol,
    The answer is yes I do believe in miracles and I do have faith that I am not destined to be poor all of my life. PCH has the magic to make dreams become reality with the fantastic Sweepstakes they have provided for 10 years now!
    Thank you PCH & prize patrol, happy Birthday and blessings to you and another 10 years!!!