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Who Would You Help If You “Win It All” on June 30th?

Good morning, fans and friends!

Are you ready to WIN IT ALL — $2 Million Immediately PLUS $10,000.00 A Month For Life PLUS a new Lincoln MKZ??!!

Of course you’d be ready to win our Dream Life Prize!!

I also know that so many of you would use the money to do something special – not just for yourselves – but for others in need.

In reading your wonderful comments on our blogs, I have been touched by your selflessness. Many of you write that, as much as you might need the money, there is always someone more needy … more deserving … more worthy than you.

I’ve read comments from those who would use their PCH winnings to support family members who are facing tough times. They would donate the money to their church … their community center … or their favorite charity.

Our selfless fan Frances R. hopes that someone truly in need will win the PCH Sweeps. She writes that she would like to win, but she has read so many deserving stories of others “that are just as bad or worse than my situation.”

Mathew R. admits that if the PCH Prize Patrol delivered the Big Check to his home he would be speechless, and would “jump for joy.” He then tells us that with all the money, he would send his parents on vacation anywhere they wanted. He would pay off all his parents’ bills and loans and help them happily live out the rest of their lives. He would also donate to his church and his community, noting that “it is better to give than to receive.”

Mathew then goes on to express a very special wish: If he “won it all” he would pursue his real dream in life: to ask the woman he loves with all his heart … his one true love … the person he is ready to spend forever with … to marry him!

Finally, our fan Lila Y. hopes that whoever wins the SuperPrize will be good and kind:

“I want someone good and honest to win. Someone who deserves it. Someone who would be happy with the money and use it on themselves and others. Someone with a good heart who still possesses it after the big win.”

Thank you, Frances, Mathew and Lila, for sharing your kind thoughts! And thanks to all the PCH fans – you are the BEST!

As you know, our Dream Life Prize Special Early Look Event is quickly approaching. So comment below and tell us what YOU would do if you “WIN IT ALL” on June 30th! Who is the first person or organization you would help?

Best wishes,
Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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