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Is It True That Someone With My Initials Will Win?

YES, it’s true!  Someone with YOUR set of initials will definitely win a cool cash prize!

Is it true someone with my initials will win

The PCH Video Group recently put together a video to explain this contest. Watch it now!


As Howie explained, we call it our “Initials Giveaway,” where prizes of $100 are awarded randomly from all 676 unique two-letter combinations of the alphabet.

Let’s see …  676 two-letter combinations multiplied by $100 adds up to a whole lot of cash – yep, $67,600 – that we’re definitely giving away!

So whether your name is John Doe (J.D.), Valmont Questar (V.Q.), Inez Carstairs (I.C.) or Korinna Irrawaddy (K.I.) – someone with YOUR initials is going to become a winner!

Don’t let some other guy with your initials get that
$100 cash – enter our Initials Giveway whenever you get the chance!

Could you do your friends here at PCH a favor? Could you let us know whether I’ve answered any questions you may have had about our Initials Giveaway? Please post an answer in the Add your Comments: section below.

Don’t miss out on all our other amazing Giveaways, too!

Go for ALL our exciting prize opportunities – including our tremendous Sweepstakes (see my “P.S.” below) – every chance you get! Respond to our mailed Bulletins and to our online “prize ops” at, PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames and PCHLotto.

Good luck!

PCH Creative

P.S.  ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! There are only 8 days left to enter to win our amazing Dream Life Prize event!

Be sure to activate an entry each and every day through Monday, June 23rd.


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