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It’s a Prize Patrol Showdown! Watch the Video Now!

We wanted to come up with a fun way to answer some of the questions you fans have been asking about how to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. So we put Danielle Lam and Todd Sloane of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team head to head in a game show-like competition to see who knows the most. Who do you think came out on top? Danielle or Todd? Watch the video to find out now!


WOW! I’d say they both did pretty well!

So remember PCH fans, the answer to the question “How can our fans get PCH SuperPrize entries?” is, PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames, PCHlotto, PCHFanpage, PCHTV, through email and PCH Mailings! That’s right! There are SO many ways to get an entry into the PCH Sweepstakes. And to MAXIMIZE your chances of winning, you should go for every single way to win, every single day! Who knows, maybe YOU will become PCH’s next big winner!

Before you go, comment below and let us know what you think of the Prize Patrol showdown video!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

P.S. There’s only 2 days left to enter so be sure to get in ALL the entries you can!


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