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10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Score Tokens From PCH

Any big PCH fan knows how amazing scoring tokens are. The more tokens you earn, the more entries you can redeem at the redemption center! Not to mention, any tokens earned on could help you become the Daily Token Leaderboard winner!

Lately, many of our fans have been asking us about how they can earn MORE tokens. So today’s blog is designed to give you an inside scoop on the many different ways to earn tokens. Some you may know about, some you may not!

1. Token Vault.
If you don’t play to unlock Token Vault you are missing crazy token opportunities! These games unlock when you complete all 10 games on the homepage. Trust me, you want to unlock these bonus games because you can score tons of tokens here.

PCH Token Vault

2. PCHSuperFan Scratch Cards.
Facebook fans can register to become PCHSuperFans. SuperFans receive countless benefits, one of which is the ability to play exclusive scratch cards on Every day PCHSuperFans can play 5 scratch cards that could award you tokens and other prizes!

PCH Superfan Card

3. Desktop And Mobile, Oh My!
Did you know that your desktop is not the only place you can earn tokens? In addition to playing on your PC, you can access several token earning opportunities via your mobile device as well! Make sure to check out on your mobile device and start earning tokens today!

4. Winner Videos.
At we have a Winners Tab that highlights our most recent winners. We even feature videos of our SuperPrize winners here. Every time you watch these winner videos, you are awarded tokens! Come back once a day to watch your favorite magical moments and score some tokens for yourself!

PCH Earn Tokens

5. Sweepstakes Entries.
Besides entering our sweepstakes for your chance to win big, you can also earn tokens! Every time you enter one of our many sweepstakes, you are also awarded a token bonus just for entering.

6. Entering Through The PCHgames Tab on Facebook.
When you visit PCHgames by clicking through our tab on Facebook, you automatically earn a 1,000 token bonus! Come back to this tab once a day to get your extra tokens.

PCHgames Fan Page

7. Playing In PCHgames Practice Rounds, Tournaments, And Special Events.
Mark your calendars because PCHgames offers tons of special events where you can earn extra tokens by playing your favorite games. Check out the full schedule of upcoming events is listed and also sign up for event reminders on Facebook.

8. Pro Gamer Status.
If you play PCHgames all the time, then you may already be reaping the benefits of being a Pro Gamer! If you play 50 games within a month, you are eligible to unlock the exclusive Pro Gamer Prize Vault, which gives you extra chances to win cash and score tokens each day!

Pro Gamer Status

9. First Search Of The Day On PCHSearch&Win.
We all use search engines every day whether it’s to look up directions, a recipe, etc. Why not use your searches to help you earn tokens? That’s what your first search of the day after logging in at PCHSearch&Win does! Search for absolutely anything and you will receive a token bonus.

10. Searching With PCHSearch&Win On Your Birthday Or PCH Anniversary.
Not only will you get a token award on your first search of the day, but you will also get a special token award for searches made on your birthday and on your anniversary with PCH.

Well, what are you waiting for?! With so many ways to earn tokens every day you better get started right now!

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

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