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Is It True That Someone In My Local Area Could Win At PCH?

That’s a question we are often asked. And to answer it, we thought we’d put together a Howie Helps video for all of you! Please take a look below:


As Howie explains, the answer is YES! It’s all part of our Local TV Area Giveaway, which you may have seen promoted in a Publishers Clearing House mail bulletin or e-mail! In this giveaway, a $1,000 winner is selected from each of the 210 local TV markets across the country!

To find out who has won in your area in the past, check out the full list of winners at

And the good news is, YOUR NAME could be on the list of lucky local winners, just like

D. Morris from Newton, KS or J. Maxey from Boston, MA! That’s right, we’re authorized to award our Local TV Area Giveaway again, and we could be awarding $1,000 checks to local TV areas like:

• Cheyenne, WY

• Oneonta, NY

• Portland, ME

• Russellville, AL

• Yuma, AZ

• Panama City, FL

• Graham, WA

• Duncan, OK

• Plus 202 other local TV markets!!!

So keep your eyes and ears open for chances to win a $1,000 cash prize from Giveaway No. 3814 in upcoming Publishers Clearing House mail bulletins or emails! Be sure to enter every chance you get. It would be such a shame if someone else in your neighborhood, maybe even your neighbor next door, won the money that could have been for you because you didn’t take advantage of every entry opportunity that came your way!

I’m sure this $1,000 Local TV Area Cash Prize could really come in handy. Think of how you would spend it, and comment below to let us know!

Best of luck!

Jane M.

Creative Dept.

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