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How Do I Become A PCHSuperFan?

November 2, 2015 Update: This SuperFan promotion was a special promotion that was previously offered to consumers and is not currently being offered.  We constantly vary our promotions to bring new and updated excitement for our Facebook Fans, because they’re all Super! To get in on any new Facebook fan promotions, all you have to do is “Like” us on the PCH Facebook page at and watch for new offers!

Have you heard about the PCHSuperFan program? It’s the program where you could double your prize between $10,000 and $1,000,000, get more chances to win sweepstakes, get access to exclusive scratch cards on, and MORE!

Intrigued? Well, the good news is, anyone can become a PCHSuperFan! All you need to do is “like” the PCH fan page on Facebook and be registered at Here’s how to register:

Registering from Facebook

When you visit the PCH fan page on Facebook you will see on the left-hand side a PCHSuperFan tab.

PCHSuperFan Sign up

Click on the PCHSuperFan tab and you will be brought to a page that explains all the benefits of signing up.

Become a PCHSuperfan

After hitting “Sign Up Now” you will see a registration page.

Register to become a PCHSuperFan

Fill out all your info, and voila! You are officially a registered PCHSuperFan. The following Thank You page will serve as confirmation that your registration went through.

Benefits of becoming a PCHSuperFan

Once you sign up to be a PCHSuperFan, you are signed up for life! When you click “Continue” you will be brought to the exclusive SuperFan page that gives you the chance to win $3,000!

If it is your first time visiting the SuperFan page you may be prompted to enter your password. This is to confirm that you are not only registered on Facebook, but are also registered on sign up

Registering from

If you don’t want to sign up through our fan page on Facebook, you can sign up at You will see the following registration form. registration

Once you fill out the registration form, you will then need to connect to Facebook. Click the “like” button to become a fan of our fan page on Facebook.

How to become a PCHSuperfan

You will see a Facebook pop-up. Make sure you click “okay” to allow PCH and Facebook to connect and verify your SuperFan status.

PCHSuperFan Badge


Are you having trouble signing up?

Become a SuperFan now

If you click here and feel like you are viewing this box by mistake you can either click on the “Already a SuperFan” link to try to correct the problem. You can also visit our FAQ page for more information.

Ready to start receiving SUPER benefits? Sign up now and begin!

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

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  1. I claim the ownership of the super prize of $5,000 a week for life #19500 and I claim to be a super fan for life I defiantly like to enter into the program if it’s still available I’m in it to win it and #keepingthefaith 🙂 please I been hoping for this moment to come in my lifetime every since I been playing I really need this to happen all the things I been struggling with I think this would be a great start for me to start over new and fresh and to live my dreams I’m in it to win it lucky windfall I’m talking to you lucky the check lucky ? please come to South Carolina!