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“It still hasn’t sunk in” says PCH Big Check Winner

PCH Big Check winner from Tennessee

Days after being presented with a PCH Big Check for $10,000.00, the reality of winning “still hasn’t sunk in” said Kathy Silliman in a follow-up phone conversation with yours truly, Dave Sayer.

“It’s kinda weird,” says Kathy.  She knows that on September 25 the PCH Prize Patrol found her at her hard-to-find home in La Follette, Tennessee: she has the Big Check, the real check, photos and paperwork to prove it. “But it hasn’t really hit me” she says.

Kathy has known a lot of hardship over the years and is getting good advice on how to handle her suddenly expanded bank account.  In the meantime she is still enjoying the ceremonial roses – depleted by two, which she gave to her up-the-hill neighbor Edith who helped us find her.  And Kathy is glad to have retrieved the balloons that got away and flew into a tree after the exciting “winning moment.”

Kathy’s friends are thrilled for her and are glad that “Someone I know really won!”  Her sister Patti agrees and says, “No one deserves this prize more than Kathy.”

Now that she has won, will Kathy stop entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?  No way!  She is still eligible to win more – like our new “$10,000 a week for life” prize – and intends to keep entering.

And YOU could win it too!   Just imagine what a gigantic prize like that would do for YOU and your loved ones!  A lifetime of financial security and the freedom to do whatever you want!

So if you want a PCH Big Check of your own, enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – today and every day!

Congratulations to our newest winner Kathy, and the best of luck to all of you.

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador


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