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Are You On The PCH Blog Team?

Hello, fans and friends,

I’ve been noticing something happening lately here on the PCH blog. Something sweet and wonderful. Our fans are turning into one big caring, supportive team!

Take a look yourself at the comments you’ve posted. Often, someone else will respond, and then another and another – whether it’s with words of comfort, faith or reassurance. Call it virtual hand-holding, but there are a lot of you holding hands right now … and we blog writers just love that!

PCH Blog Team

One of our fans, Vickie S., commented recently, “PCH is a great team of people. And we are an important part of the team. We’re important because we cheer for each other and encourage each other. When the winners are announced, though we feel disappointment, we are thankful that a fellow PCHer is blessed. We are a blessed team.

We appreciate that we have a loyal team of fans who are so passionate about winning and equally passionate about PCH. And we on the PCH blog team couldn’t do our jobs without you, because you inspire us to come up with new ideas for the blog – like this post you’re reading right now!

Teamwork is what makes the world go ’round. When members of a sports team play together, there is only one goal in mind – winning. When medical teams perform surgeries or announce new breakthroughs in health, lives are saved. And when workers cooperate to create successful outcomes – whether it’s making a great product or delivering excellent service – they can accomplish so much more than one person can on his or her own.

So, whether you are posting comments on this blog, the PCH Search&Win blog or the PCH Play&Win blog… cheering for our extremely fortunate Sweepstakes winners… or simply making each other feel good …

Go PCH Blog Team

Comment below and voice your support for the PCH BLOG TEAM!


Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Are you on a team? What kind … and how do you support each other? Comment below!

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