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The PCH Giveback … It’s A Win-Win!

PCH Giveback Win Win

Hello, everyone! As you’ve probably heard, the PCH Giveback is in full-swing again. This year, Publishers Clearing House is donating exclusively to a charity that’s been a long-time fan-favorite, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. And we pledge to donate $100,000 — that’s twice as much money as last year! But there’s more! YOU can help drive our guaranteed $100,000 donation up $50,000 more … all the way to $150,000 by doing something you love to do, earn tokens at PCH!

Here’s how it works: PCH will raise the donation to St. Jude for each fan that earns 10,000 or more daily tokens on our PCH sites. The more fans who score 10,000 tokens each day, the more money will be raised – up to $50,000. Get in on the action — it’s good for charity, and it could mean something good for you, too. After all, you can use all the tokens you earn at the Redemption Center to go for amazing prizes like cash, gift cards, electronics and more. That sounds like a win-win to me!

Ready to score some tokens? You should be! Before you start, visit the PCH fan page on Facebook and “Like” the page if you haven’t already. Follow these instructions to enter to win one of FIVE $1,000 prizes AND score a Token Bonus of up to 3,000 — which goes a long way towards your daily goal of 10,000 tokens!

1. Go to the PCH fan page on Facebook and click on The Giveback Tab under APPS.
2. This brings you to The Giveback page. Click CONTINUE.
3. Now you’ll reach the Official Online Entry Form. Click CONTINUE to enter to win one of FIVE $1,000 cash prizes.
4. Finally, you’ll reach the Thank You Page. Now click on each of the buttons for, PCHgames or PCHSearch&Win. You’ll score 1,000 bonus tokens for clicking on each button that will help you reach your daily goal of 10,000. That’s up to 3,000 tokens total – just please make sure you’re logged in first to get your bonus!

It’s so easy! Don’t you want PCH to donate an extra $50,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital? Get involved and do your part! Repeat the steps above every day to get chances to win AND score up to 3,000 bonus tokens, then play at, PCHgames, PCHSearch&Win and PCHlotto to reach your daily 10,000 token goal!

Will all the PCH fans out there band together and score all the tokens needed to drive the PCH Giveback donation to St. Jude up to $150,000? I have a hunch that they will! Stay tuned and find out!

Friends, don’t forget to do your part! When we all work (and play) together, it really is a win-win!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. Do you know how the Giveback first got started? Watch the video below from Danielle Lam to find out more!


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