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Lucky The PCH Big Check Comes To Life!

Hi everyone it’s me Danielle Lam with the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team. As you may know, I’m also part of the PCH Video Group where we create the professional quality promotional and educational videos you see across all our sites! Well, hopefully you’ve seen the newest Publishers Clearing House production where Lucky the Big Check and his Mom come to life for the $10,000 A Week For Life Special Early Look prize event. I’m sure if you did, you were scratching your head thinking, “How did they do that?” Well, I had the chance to interview the very talented Pete, Senior Video Production Editor on the project, to tell us all about it!

Danielle: When you heard about the challenge of bringing Lucky the PCH Big Check AND his mom to life, what was your initial reaction?

PETE: Honestly? I smiled/laughed. The idea of trying to make a cardboard check talk, walk, and interact with objects is a hilarious concept to me. I was genuinely excited to take on the challenge.

Danielle: How did you make Lucky and his mom maneuver the set when they have no arms or legs?

PETE: Some shots required special effects! I would wear the Mama check around my neck like a necklace and then digitally remove myself from the shot. That process helped give the checks more life. Pretty fun stuff!

Lucky the big check


Danielle: This is the first time PCH fans got a chance to meet Lucky’s momma! What characteristics did you want her to have?

PETE: Warm. Someone who nags with love. We spent a lot of time building the set to her personality. Everything from the wallpaper color scheme to the photos on the shelf, were all reflections of her character.

Danielle: What was the most challenging part of the video shoot?

PETE: Believe it or not- the simple act of grabbing things. How does an armless rectangle pick objects up? Her shawl saved us! It allowed me (the puppeteer) to conceal my hands when holding an item.

Danielle: What was the most fun part about this video shoot?
PETE: Everything! The crew and I were constantly laughing. Sometimes I’d accidentally bump into objects or miss a mark (as one of the checks). The idea of getting to play at work is an absolute joy!

WOW, it’s amazing what the PCH Video Group can do. Hopefully you enjoyed learning about how we brought Lucky and his mom to life, and let us know if you want to see more of these fun videos!

Have a fun PCH video idea? Share it with us below and you never know, it could make the cut!

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team

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