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Find Out Who Won The PCH November 25th Prize Event!

Excited to find out who won the PCH November 25th prize event? Follow our clues below…

Who won the PCH prize

The big day is finally here! It’s the day of our November 25th special early look prize event where someone is definitely going to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Will it be YOU?

Well, the Prize Patrol is out on the road RIGHT NOW, and we’ll all find out in just hours who won the PCH prize event. But until then, how would you like some clues? You’ve all been such good fans that I’m going to give you them ALL DAY LONG, so be sure to keep checking back! By the end of the day, we’ll even post the exciting winner announcement!

***12:30 AM – FIRST CLUE***

The winner’s state is bordered by 3 or more other states.

***9:15 AM – NEW CLUE***

The Prize Patrol boarded a plane to reach the winner’s home.

***10:30 AM – NEW CLUE***

The winner’s state flag has the color blue in it.

***11:35 AM – NEW CLUE***

The winner’s state name has 6 or more letters.

***12:30 PM – NEW CLUE***

The winner does NOT live in the capital city of his/her state.


YES! We officially have another millionaire! We’re so happy to announce that MR. BRIAN WILLIS from Lexington, South Carolina was the winner of the ONE MILLION DOLLAR SUPERPRIZE from Publishers Clearing House! CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN!


And remember, the winning is nowhere near over yet! Not only do we have 3 more HUGE millionaire-making prizes coming up, but we’re also giving away 10 prizes right here on the PCHblog tomorrow, so be sure to come back!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Want MORE clues? Head to Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook!

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