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Good News for PCH’s Golden Ticket Prize Winner!

Brenda Bowman PCH Golden Ticket Winner

On Wednesday, December 17th, Brenda Bowman from Scottsburg, VA got the shock of a lifetime when the Prize Patrol came to her doorstep with a PCH Big Check! The Prize Patrol geared up early Wednesday morning to fly to Virginia in hopes that Mrs. Bowman – our Golden Ticket prize winner – was home and ready to accept $25,000!

After several hours of adventures, it was finally time to put the Prize Patrol van in park, and run out towards Brenda’s home. Brenda and her husband Harold were already looking out the front glass door when we showed up, and later told us they thought we were there for their neighbors! With no knocking and waiting necessary, the Bowman’s hesitantly opened their door with puzzled faces, but big smiles.

When the Prize Patrol turned over the PCH Big Check to present a whopping $25,000 to Brenda, the first thing she exclaimed was, “WHAT?!”. This was followed by nervous giggles and smiles! Brenda was in utter shock that she had just won $25,000! When we asked her if she enters the sweepstakes often, she said yes, but that she never expected to win! Even husband Harold was doubtful that she would ever win. The Prize Patrol quickly replied that we were glad she was persistent with entering, because it paid off! PUN INTENDED! Brenda had been entering for years, at first through direct mail, and more recently through our online properties!

Brenda and Harold, married for 35 years, have two grown children. Brenda, a school bus driver, was getting ready to leave for work when we came to her door, which is why we couldn’t stay for long! Nonetheless, Brenda and Harold could not believe their eyes! Full of joy and shock, the couple smiled as Harold exclaimed, “This is a dream come true.”

We congratulate the Bowman’s and hope they are able to put their winnings to good use! We love making dreams come true for our fans!

Enter the Sweepstakes like Brenda did, and maybe YOU will become our next big winner!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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  1. Hi, that is good news that I hear, that is so they only have the golden ticket every so many years. I have the golden ticket but I was afraid to do it because I have been filling out paperwork for publishing clearing house for years and never nothing so I had my doubts, but now that I read this I will get my paperwork in the mail, thank you and please reply.