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What Would It Mean To You If You Won $5,000 A Week “Forever”?

What would it mean to you to win $5,000 A Week Forever

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term: “Paying It Forward”. It’s all about donating to a worthy cause today, in order to “repay” an act of kindness or charity that was made on your behalf in the past. Well, the Publishers Clearing House “Forever” Prize would give a lucky winner the opportunity to pay it forward for future generations — in a BIG way!

The PCH “Forever” Prize is truly a dream come true. If you win, you would receive $5,000 A Week For Life! And after that, someone you choose would receive $5,000 A Week for the rest of their life, too! You could choose a family member, a friend, a lifetime partner, it’s up to you! And those same $5,000 weekly checks would continue on for their lifetime. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

Win Forever

Imagine the chance to create a legacy of financial security that continues for the life of a loved one!  I guess the first question to think about is: WHO DO YOU WISH YOU COULD HELP FINANCIALLY? That should get the wheels turning! It would certainly be the ultimate gift, one that would keep on giving and giving!

Think about how it would change that person’s life for the better. Whether it would mean giving them (and maybe their children) a college education, making sure they get to live in the house of their dreams  — with no debts, taking luxury vacations, spending their good fortune on whatever they need or whatever their heart(s) desire!

Think about the possibilities. And let’s not forget about you, too! You’ll be enjoying those weekly $5,000 checks, too — FOR LIFE!

The “Forever Prize” is GUARANTEED TO BE AWARDED on Feb. 27, 2015! The last day to enter is 2/18/15 (online or through the mail), so be sure to enter NOW and every day as often as you can until then. The Prize Patrol could be knocking on your door on Feb. 27th with an incredible prize that could change your life and the lives of future generations to come!

Jane M.

Creative Dept.

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  1. It would Mean a lot to Me. You See I have this Amazing Son that works two jobs to make certain Our Family has what We need. He also takes care of two of My grand kids and his God Son. Then I have this impeccable man number two that has more than 934 volunteer hours and never expects Anything in return except a smile. He cooks, conceals, and spends time helping the homeless. I am not after The Forever Prize for me. I have plenty because I am loved very much By the both of them.

  2. I wish I could find the winning link for The Forever Prize so I can One Forever Prize to My Son for saving My life. My Son works two jobs so He can help out Our Family as He is able. The other One I would give to My fiancé for All His volunteer work for The Homeless Over The Years unselfishly giving free Concealing Services to the less unfortunate People that can’ afford it. He has put in Over 934 hours this year alone. We sacrifice All Our holiday Together so He can help cook meals for The People that would go without Holiday meals. In it to win it for Them. As for Me I have plenty because They Both Love Me. What more could Anyone ask for. am so very Proud of Them Both. They Are the extra ordinary. E. O. R.

  3. I just did the best I could, a lot of time, I don’t understand the message “search this level,” I had difficulty I tried to claim the prize and make a entry, I hope.