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Tell Us: What’s Your Secret To Winning?

Secret to winning

Funny, but it seems that every one of our winners has a different answer to questions like this.

Some say that patience is the key, like our recent millionaire, Rosemary Cella. She never gave up, and entered our Sweepstakes as often as she could. Despite her husband’s teasing, she “kept the faith” – and it paid off big time!

Keep the faith in winning

Or, maybe you believe in “beginner’s luck” – and have only started to enter our Sweeps recently. The truth is, any timely entry – whether at, PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames or with our classic mailed Bulletins – could make you a winner, so be sure to enter every day and any way you can!

Or maybe you’re a believer in fate – that winning is “written in the stars” but that only time will reveal when. That’s ANOTHER very good reason to keep firing up your PCH Sweepstakes entries every day!  Any one of your responses could bring fate – all dressed up as our famous Prize Patrol – to your front door!

your time to win

So tell us in the “COMMENTS” section below: What’s Your Special Secret to Winning? That strategy could really come in handy soon – because we’re getting ready to deliver an enormous prize – $7,000 A Week For Life – in our April 30th Special Early Look prize event.

So while we’re on the subject, enter right now!  On April 30th, you could be facing a TV camera and the Prize Patrol, telling millions of people about your winning ways!

Hoping your dreams come true …

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  1. According to your records, I have been doing this for about 31 years! At my age, I don’t know how much time I have left! By the way, I will turn 80 next month!

  2. OK, I play every day from 6 am to around eight every day no for thirty years, with two 10 dollar checks. I don’t give up, I watch people play just one year and win thousands while I get nothing but TOKENS, I dream for one day it will be my life change. TO BE HAPPY TO HELP IN MY LIFE. Richard will my dream ever come true .PCH ???? I AM STILL PLAYING. I WONT GIVE UP.

  3. I do have faith but faith is doing Jehovah will. That is exercising faith. I don’t know if it’s written in the stars. But I do hope every day that one day, maybe I could receive an check. I wish everyone in the world could get surprise or an gift that could help them in some way. But at the current conditions. We just half and wait until that time. Thank you and have an bless day. May, Love and prays be with everyone.

  4. I have persistence when it comes to goals, but by far this is the easiest one to do; sometimes its a frustrating goal, but anyone could achieve. I mean I wake up every morning and find my mom to tell her that no matter what we will have everything we need, blood, sweat, & tears have made me. And all I’ve ever wanted in life is to be able to make my family see the reason we stand on this earth, to make purpose. So, regardless of my day, mood, or situation I will to continue to stay positive in this process even if i don’t get too meet the good ol’ PPGang.

  5. Faith I do believe would have to be one major common factors amongst most if not all PCH winners. Believing as if you have already received that which you are seeking, with an entirety which holds no fertile ground for seeds of any sort of doubtfulness. Patience is one of those virtues that if you ever find yourself lacking or losing, then it would be safe to say in my humble opinion, impossible to lose something you never had or possessed in the first place. After all it is not so much what we can get in this life that is of most importance, but what is most important in most cases, what we can keep.

  6. I claim ownership of 19500 for $5,000 a week I wanna win I’m in it to win it and I claim the super prize lucky windfall come to South Carolina 🙂