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Who’s the Best Prize Patrol Mascot?

Every good company needs a fun mascot! There are so many from our youth that remain endearing to us…it’s hard to imagine life without them!  But what if you had to choose just one favorite from all time? If you like pop culture like I do, you’d find that to be a tough question!

Prize Patrol Mascot

So let’s narrow it down a bit – Who’s The Best Prize Patrol Mascot?

Here at PCH, we’ve got a couple to choose from! Let’s decide between the Victory Van and Lucky the Check!

First there’s the Victory Van. It’s the reliable companion that gets the Prize Patrol where they need to go. From point “A” to point “W”- For Winning!” It’s got four wheels, always drives the speed limit, and wears a fancy Prize Patrol sign!

PCH Prize Patrol Van

Then there’s Lucky the Check! He’s a people “person”, and loves to meet new winners! He’s hopelessly in love with Millie Miracle, and comes from a good home (just ask his mom!).

Big Check

So if you had to choose, who’s YOUR favorite? Let’s compare them a little more!

If you’re talking about usefulness, I think the Victory Van wins this debate. The Van is big, with plenty of room for your whole family. And with that Prize Patrol sign on the side, you might even get out of some parking tickets!

But if you want to impress your friends, having Lucky the Check with you is a big deal! Why, he could regale you with tales of winning moments! Or thrilling adventures on the road with the Prize Patrol!

It’s a tough call, right? One the one hand, the Victory Van is a sleek, super cool driving machine, and it lets everyone on the road know that something BIG is about to happen to a lucky winner nearby!  Then on the other hand, Lucky the Check is the guy who gets to live the winning moment up close and personal!

You know what, I can’t make up my mind! I love them both!

Why don’t YOU tell us who you think the BEST mascot is? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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  1. I really think it all is good because pch is a household name and it gets excitment where ever. You are seen , showes hope and that you are real , I for one thinks it is all good , much better than an ice cream truck I promise you that I once was told get your name out there . And I can’t think of a better thing than to have money delivered right to your door how exciting is that a gift that keeps on giving .