How Would You Start Fresh If You Won $7,000 A Week For Life?

How would you start fresh if you won $7,000 a week for life

Hi everyone! We’re gearing up for our $7,000 A Week For Life Prize Event coming up, and we couldn’t be more excited to find out who our lucky winner will be! Come April 30th you could be “Set For Life”! Imagine weekly checks for $7,000 rolling into your bank account? And not just for a month, or a year, but for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! That’s $364,000 a year — serious money with endless possibilities.

Think about all the ways you could spend it — knowing you would have $7,000 a week coming in, week after week, month after month, year after year. That’s enough money to never have to work another day of your life. Think about that! Even if you’ve already retired, it’s the money you need to start really living life to the fullest!

First Things First — Pay Off Those Bills For A Real FRESH START!

Let’s face it. The obvious choice is to pay off those bills first and get out from under debt. Credit card, mortgage, student loan balances and medical bills all wiped clean. What a relief that would be! Am I right? Imagine starting out again with a fresh slate to begin a new life of luxury. Of course you would want to take care of your health, too. After all, you can’t live a life of luxury without feeling your best!

What would be next on your bucket list?

Would it be buying a brand new luxury car with all the bells and whistles?  Would you go on a major shopping spree? Or maybe travel? We’re talking about flying first class and staying in 5 star hotels! Picture being able to stay as long as you like, wherever you like, and not having to rush on a whirlwind tour. Now you could take your time, enjoy the sights, window shop to your heart’s content, and bring home lovely souvenirs for everyone! Would you buy or build your dream homeWhen it comes to improving your lifestyle, where you live is first and foremost! So why not go bigger and better? Or maybe you just want to buy a vacation home, so you could get away from it all whenever you please!

Would you donate money?

A lot of you often comment about how you would use your $7,000 A Week For Life to help others less fortunate. Those stories always warm our hearts. It could be about helping out an aging parent or an ailing sibling. Even reaching out to a neighbor or a complete stranger. And many of you tell us about your favorite charities, all with great causes that deserve every donated dollar. What will it be? You would now have the means to be incredibly generous with a worthy cause that is close to your heart!

Can you picture yourself having all of that money at your fingertips? Then be sure to get your entries in by the 4/21/15 deadline for your chance to win! You can enter every day at and at our other PCH websites like PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames and PCHLotto. Think about what you would do — how would you start over if you won $7,000 A Week For Life — and comment below to let us know!

Jane M.
Creative Dept.

P.S. Remember, our April 30th SuperPrize Event is what we call a Special Early Look. If there is no matching winning number, we will go to a second chance drawing for a big $1,000,000.00 award.  Now, that is a LOT of money, too!

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