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NO Excuses … Just ENTER TO WIN!

No Excuses

It’s time to quit stalling and making excuses, guys … you could become EXTREMELY rich very, very soon – but only if you enter! How rich??

How about $7,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE?

That’s how much money our Prize Patrol Elite Team is authorized to award on April 30th, in our Special Early Look prize event.

I’ve worked at Publishers Clearing House a LONG time – over twenty years. When it comes to excuses folks have for not entering, I’ve heard it all, from “I’m too old to win” and “No one in my state ever wins” to “People in the city never win” and “Only people who live in houses win.”

Take it from a PCH veteran like me: people of every age, in any kind of home, from every state, in big cities or rural areas have become big Publishers Clearing House winners.   We’ve delivered prizes to an IRS office, on an airline flight, in rural school rooms, city apartment buildings – everywhere!

PLUS, our winners are selected electronically and totally by random – there’s no way our contest official can “pick” winners according to where they live, how old they are, how often they’ve entered – it just can’t happen!

Then we hear excuses like: “I don’t have time to enter” and “I’ve been entering for years and never won!”

There are TONS of fun ways to make your Sweepstakes entry every day: on, PCHgames, PCHlotto – and lots more ways. And best of all, they’re all fast and easy – a few clicks, and you’re done!

And, if you’re like me, you search for stuff online almost every day. Perfect! Log in and search with PCHSearch&Win, and you’ll activate an entry for $7,000 A Week For Life with your first search every day – and have a chance to win fantastic instant prizes with searches after that!

And if “I keep entering but never win” or “I never win anything” are YOUR pet excuses – well, that never stopped our determined Sweepstakes winners –millionaires like Rosemary Cella, Tamar Howard and  Leroy Faulks.

Our SuperPrize winners “keep the faith” and keep on entering, no matter what. And guess what – they won!

So, NO MORE EXCUSES! Put your reservations aside, take a few moments and log in your entry every day.  At Publishers Clearing House, perseverance could pay off.  And if you DON’T enter to win, it’s for sure you’ll never open the door to see a sight like this on April 30th:

Enter to win $7,000 a week for life

Keep the faith!

PCH Creative

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