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Catching up with SuperPrize Winner Mark Johnson!


If you’re a regular reader of the Publishers Clearing House blog, you know that we often share exciting clues on the days that we award the SuperPrize. What are the clues you might ask? Well they’re hints that help reveal where the Prize Patrol is headed that day!

Many of us here at Publishers Clearing House headquarters follow along, because we’re just as curious about where the Prize Patrol is going as you are! The location of the winner is always a highly guarded secret that only Contest Officials and the Prize Patrol know!

So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that our newest SuperPrize winner, Mark Johnson, lived in Dolgeville, NY, a town not too far from where I grew up!  I caught up with Mark and his wife Cindy to see how the past month has been treating them, and what’s new in small town life in Upstate New York.

First, let’s take a quick look back at Mark’s winning moment.


Since 1996, Mark has been a loyal Publishers Clearing House entrant. He’s a regular visitor of the PCH websites, and makes entering to win a daily ritual.

The day the Prize Patrol came, his wife coaxed him back to the house under the guise of some fake emergency. When she got him there and eventually saw the “Victory Van” outside, he literally ran out the front door!


“I had so many family members already at my house, I even said, ‘what, did I win Publishers Clearing House?’ This was a real dream come true.”

Mark drives for a living, so buying a new truck was a real “no brainer” of a first purchase for him, but I was still curious what his other plans were for the money.

“I’ll probably buy another vehicle for my wife. Then you know, pay some bills and go on a trip.  My wife wants to visit Niagara Falls. I’d love to also have the Las Vegas experience at some point too.”

Hey, when you win the $1,000,000 SuperPrize, dreams like that can become a real possibility!

I asked Mark if he is still entering, and he gave me an emphatic “YES!”

“Yup, I’m going for the ‘Win It All’ prize, and I’ll just keep going and going. If it takes me another 19 years, why not?! I’m going to keep trying!”

And if you’re out there waiting for your own personal winning moment, Mark has this to say to you: “Believe me, it’s true. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”

Want it to happen to YOU? Well remember, our Win It All Special Early Look prize event is coming up in just weeks. Head over to right now and enter today!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

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