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Recently business reporters seem to be talking more and more about the demise of newspapers – brought about by shrinking circulations, reduced advertising revenue and rising production costs.  It also seems that people are turning more and more to electronic news and e-books to keep themselves informed and entertained.

While I feel a tug of nostalgia in saying farewell to some hardcopy pages, I have embraced the internet resources probably as much as anyone.  Nonetheless, I still appreciate the tactile feel of real pages and enjoy the immediacy and content of a colorful or newsy magazine – like the multitude of magazine titles you can get from Publishers Clearing House. Our magazine subscription deals cannot be beat.

Here’s something else that’s hard to beat: the mind-boggling amount of information you can get through PCHSearch&Win or PCHFrontpage!  Anything you wanted to get from an encyclopedia (remember those bulky volumes?) can be found at these wonderful PCH websites.  On top of that, every logged-in search you conduct gives you another chance to win a prize ranging in value from a few dollars to thousands of dollars to MILLIONS of dollars!

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So here are my suggestions: (1) Look at our wide variety of unbeatable magazine subscription values. I’m sure you’ll find a title or two you’d like – although a purchase is not necessary. (2)  Do your next online search at PCHSearch&Win or PCHFrontpage.  Who knows?  Maybe YOU will be the next person our Prize Patrol surprises with a Big Check and the news that “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

Wishing you all the best,

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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