Meet Toby Moore, Our Newest SuperPrize Winner

On the afternoon of “PCH Pay Day” (August 31) Toby Moore was at home on a lunch break from his nearby office when there was a knock on the door.  A package delivery?  A salesman?  But wait!  He saw balloons! roses! cameras! two guys in blue blazers!  It was the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol […]

Has The PCH Prize Patrol Ever Gone to The Wrong House?

Here’s a question that might be on your mind, with our “Win 1,000 A Day For Life” prize event a little over two weeks away: Has The PCH Prize Patrol Ever Gone to The Wrong House? The answer to this common question is “yes”, but only on a handful of occasions — which isn’t bad in […]

Want the PCH Prize Patrol to Ring Your Doorbell?

I’m sure that you blog-readers and PCH fans have noticed that the PCH Prize Patrol has been on the road awarding more Big Checks than ever before!  That is the truth – not “fake news”!  We’ve been traveling coast to coast and border to border and everywhere in between.  Newspaper and TV reporters have been covering […]

Meet Ruth Johnson, Winner of Our “Win It All” SuperPrize

On the afternoon of “PCH Pay Day” on June 29th, Ruth Johnson looked out the door and wondered why her dog Cassy was barking and why neighbors on the street were so excited.  Within seconds she knew!  The Prize Patrol van pulled into her driveway, and Derek and yours truly (Dave) rushed up the steps with […]

A Reality Check – OR A Really Big Check For YOU!

In recent weeks I’ve awarded Big Checks in five states and have been on and off planes and in and out of airports about 20 times. I also shopped in supermarkets, florists and restaurants. And everywhere I go people see my Prize Patrol suitcase or uniform and gasp, “You mean you guys are real? I […]

Time Marches On at PCH

The word is out around my town that I’m one of the guys who presents those Big Checks “as seen on TV” to winners of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes .  When people recognize and talk to me the first words they utter are “You mean that thing’s real?”  Secondly they say, “So when are […]