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This Publishers Clearing House Texas Winner Has a Winning Secret!

As you know, we love awarding prizes all over the country, and surprising Publishers Clearing House Texas winners is always a good time for our Prize Patrol! We’ve had some great winner stories come from this state, and Betty Winkler’s reaction was no exception.

Publishers Clearing House Texas Winner

Betty won $10,000 from Gwy #4901 at the end of April, and we decided to chat with her the other day to see how things are going for her. She started by telling us about her entering history.

“Oh, I’ve been entering for quite a while! Whenever my husband and I got one of [Publishers Clearing House’s] letters in the mail, we’d dive right in. We read every single inch and made sure we did everything right!”

Betty is obviously very dedicated, and has been entering through the mail for years. She moved from New England to Texas to be closer to family, but that never stopped her from making sure her entries got in on time!  Finally, all her years of patience paid off when the mailman delivered a certified letter to her house with her check for $10,000, making her a winner right in Texas!

“I darn near died! I said, ‘no way! This is crazy! They’re pulling our legs!’ The postal man came to the front door, and we had to give him our signatures! And then there was the check!”

When we asked her what she planned to do with the money, she had a big secret about her winnings that may surprise you!

“I decided not to tell anyone for a while. In fact, we’ve kept it to ourselves. We haven’t even decided what to do with the money yet. But we’re looking at our money very wisely. No plans for traveling, or whatever.”

Betty is definitely a “tell it like it is,” kind of person, and certainly had some doubts about Publishers Clearing House at first.

“We did have doubts at first, but we just kept entering. And kept entering and kept entering! [So then we obviously knew it was real after a while], but when we won, we could hardly believe it. ‘No one wins this kind of money!,’ we’d say. But fortunately we’re the ones who did.

When asked what she’d say to other people who had doubts, she had this to say:

“It is possible. It definitely is. A lot of people will say it is a bunch of baloney or ‘that’s nutty.’ But I’d come right out and say it: ‘It’s true! It IS true!  I’m not pulling your leg!”

Betty is definitely someone who likes to play it safe, but she hasn’t stopped taking a chance on PCH! When we asked if she’s going to keep entering, she said both her and her husband are still going to go at it:  “Absolutely!”

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – Betty is still taking her time sharing her news. How long could YOU hold out and not tell anyone? Would you keep your lips sealed for months or would you shout it from the rooftops? Tell us in the comments below!

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