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I’m reading David McCullough’s terrific best selling biography of the Wright Brothers who ushered us into the era of flight about 112 years ago. Thank you Orville! Thank you Wilbur! Without you, we Prize Patrol’ers would have to drive and drive and drive all across the USA delivering Big Checks to lucky Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winners. (I guess we should also be thankful to Henry Ford — because if he hadn’t come along with his Old Tin Lizzie we’d really be having a difficult time accomplishing our mission!)

Now don’t get me wrong. We enjoy driving the Prize Patrol van (often rented) a few hours from airports to winners’ hometowns, taking in the scenery and sights along the way. But air travel — even with some of its occasional headaches — lets us conduct a prize drawing one day and be on our way to a winner’s front door within hours.

Maryann Carter tells us the results of a drawing and who and where the winner is; we immediately plot the location on a map and figure out the fastest way to get there; the Finance Department cuts a real check while the Art Department creates the Big Check you see on TV; our staff pulls together the needed paperwork; we line up the video cameraman and order the rose bouquet; and before you know it we have packed our Prize Patrol suitcases and are on the way.

What does this speed mean to YOU? It simply means we can personally award more prizes than we ever could have in “the olden days.” That’s right: if you win you will see the real Prize Patrol at your door. (You’ve seen us on TV so often you will recognize us immediately  — just like recent million dollar winner Boris Clinton did; you won’t have to ask us for our ID’s.)

OK — we will be ready to travel. Will YOU be ready to win? Will you have taken advantage of every chance you’re given to win a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars? I hope so! Don’t delay! Enter now and every day!
Wishing you the best of luck.
Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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