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Are You The Winner of PCH’s August 31st Prize Event? Find Out Today!

Who won August 31st SuperPrize event

Ahhhhh it’s here, it’s finally here … the day we’ve all been waiting for … the day of our August 31st prize event!

Today one lucky person will have their life forever changed when they become $1,000,000.00 richer. Will that person be YOU? By the end of the day, we’ll all find out.

That’s right, the Prize Patrol is on the road at this very moment, heading to our winner’s home with one very big surprise! Can you even imagine opening your door today to find the Prize Patrol holding a Big Check with YOUR name on it?

Well, I’m sure you’re all very eager to find out, and even though we don’t have the results to announce just yet, I do have some fun clues and hints to keep you guessing throughout the day! They may even help you figure out where the Prize Patrol is heading.

Are you ready for them???

The Prize Patrol travelled by plane to reach today’s winner.

***9:00 AM – NEW CLUE***
The winner’s state is known for its geography.

***11:00 AM – NEW CLUE***
There’s a color in the name of the winner’s state tree.

***12:45 PM – NEW CLUE***
You’ll find one or more national parks in the winner’s state.

Please join me in congratulating Robert Gonzales from Lakewood, Colorado as the winner of the $1,000,000.00 Big Check from our August 31st prize event. Way to go, Robert Gonzales!

To all the rest of you blog readers, please STAY IN IT TO WIN IT! We have winners every single day at Publishers Clearing House, and our next big SuperPrize event is just around the corner.

So, what do you think? Could the Prize Patrol be headed to your home today? Are you excited??? Comment below and let us know! And for more hints and clues, check out Danielle Lam’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook!

Crossing my fingers for all of you!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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