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Do Real People Win PCH Prizes?

Greetings, fans and friends,

“Do real people win PCH prizes?

“Those people I see on the PCH TV commercials are actors!

“No one really wins from Publishers Clearing House!

If I had a dime for every time I heard a comment like one of those, I’d probably be as rich as one of our SuperPrize winners!

Of course, real people win PCH prizes! Those people you see screaming and jumping as the Prize Patrol presents them with a Big Check certainly are not actors! And loads and loads of people – of all ages, from all parts of the country, and from all walks of life – really do win from Publishers Clearing House all the time!

As a matter of fact, to date, PCH has given away $263 million! Pretty cool, huh?

We’re talking big prizes, small prizes, in-between prizes … cash and gift cards galore! Prizes that have been awarded to lucky folks like these …

Real PCH Winner

Marymae A. (pictured above) is living proof that playing at PCH pays off! This super-lucky lady has won – drumroll, please! – a total of $5,060 to date, from 20 different prizes. Most of these prizes are the Token Leaderboard and the Daily Games Tournament.

“I am proud to be part of Publishers Clearing House,” Marymae happily states, “and excited to introduce my friends and relatives, with your free entry, free games, more fun and more chances of winning. I love it!”

Nichole K. won twice by playing PCH Superfan games on Facebook“I will not give up,” she wants you all to know. “I play all day, every day, making sure I have all of the games played and my entries in. I love playing PCH games. I believe a miracle will occur for my son and me someday!”

Darlene D. is thrilled to win an Amazon gift card from PCH. She says, “I believe PCH is real and I am in it to win it. I feel that one day my dream will come true to win the big prize, so I will keep calm and wait for my time to win big.

Aaron M. seems to be on a PCH “winning streak.” Since we featured him on the blog back in April, Aaron has won his biggest prize to date … $1,000. “One day I feel I’m going to meet the Prize Patrol here in South Carolina. Who knows? It may be October 23rd for the $7,000-A-Week-For-Life. Gotta keep entering today and every day if you want to win the big one!!!”

Last but not least, Teresa E. certainly showed ‘em that PCH is the “real deal.” She tells us, “I recently won from one of those instant win games. When I took the check to the bank, they thought it was a joke. It was real, though. I gotta say it gave me hope for someday wining the BIG one! Thanks, PCH!

Are you a believer yet? I sure hope you are because real people win every day at PCH!

Best of all, you could, too! All you’ve got to do is enter!

Good luck,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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